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1: November/December Journal

This is now at the printers. A list of what is in it on the latest Journal page.

Note that those members who did not renew by the end of the grace period will NOT receive a printed this Journal and will need to rejoin before they will be able to access the electronic copy.

Membership : 15/11/2014 09:02

2: AGM

All members are reminded that the AGM will be held on Friday 7th November. As usual we are borrowing the NSW branch clubrooms for the evening. Anyone who is unable to attend but wants to have a say should let the Secretary know before Friday.

Membership : 03/11/2014 04:41

3: Renewals

All members who renewed through the post before the middle of October should have either already received their receipt (or in the case of October renewals should receive it in the next few days). Those who haven't received a receipt for their renewal should check their membership status in the Member's Area and contact the registrar via email immediately if it shows that your renewal has not been processed as that means your renewal has gone astray in the post.

Please also help out those members without internet access by checking with them if they have received their receipt and if not then email the registrar on their behalf to ask whether it is their renewal or their receipt that has gone missing in the post.

If your renewal has gone missing and you don't follow up by the end of this month you may miss out on the November/December Journal.

Note that those who have renewed via Paypal should have already printed off their new receipt from the Member's Area. Receipts can be reprinted from the Member's Area at any time.

Membership : 17/10/2014 07:36

4: September/October Journal

This is now at the printers. You can find out what is going to be in it on the latest Journal page. Note that this will be the last issue of Journal that any currently unfinancial members will receive unless they renew soon.

Membership : 20/09/2014 08:39

5: More on Email Issues

The earlier comment below about email issues being fixed was slightly premature as it appears that further emails went astray and were not delivered. Further changes have been made and hopefully now the problems with emails are all fixed.

Members who were trying to register their email address or obtain a password should please try again now and hopefully this time the email should go through. If you have any further email issues please sent an email to the webmaster at this site.

Membership : 30/08/2014 06:39

6: Renewals

Members are reminded that one financial member will be randomly selected on 1st September to receive an additional three year's membership. Those who are yet to renew whose renewal has not been processed by then will be considered to be unfinancial and will not be included in the draw.

Membership : 25/08/2014 17:01

7: Email Issues

A number of people have reported problems with the email processing on this site. I am happy to report that I have finally figured out the cause of the problem and have now (hopefully) rectified it.

Can any members who have been unable to get a password for the member's area due to the email not sending please try again as it should now work.

Site News : 16/08/2014 10:46

8: July/August Journal

Find out what is in the next issue of AMRA Journal, now at the printers.

Members who are required to renew will find a renewal notice in with this next Journal (the page with their address label attached that is showing through the window in the envelope). Renewal forms can also be obtained from the Member's Area or you can use the option there to renew online Paypal or Credit Card.

Membership : 12/07/2014 10:09
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