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1: Lost Password Emails not being delivered

I have received a significant number of messages advising that emails delivering password reset links have been unable to be delivered to bigpond email addresses. Presumably this is a bigpond problem as the same is not happening with equivalent emails sent to other email providers. If you are trying to reset your password and not receiving the email to your bigpond email address then please contact bigpond for assistance.

Membership : 29/08/2015 13:18

2: Videos

There are lots of our members and visitors who have attended AMRA activities with a video camera and who have then uploaded the video they have taken to YouTube.

The new YouTube Video link lists some of these videos.

Site News : 01/08/2015 15:09

3: May/June Journal

As usual you can find out what to expect to see in this Journal by visiting the latest Journal page.

There is just under a year to go now until AMRA celebrates the 65th Anniversary with a celebration in Canberra. Please let us know if you would like to come along and help us celebrate. You do not need to be a member to join us in this celebration.

Membership : 23/05/2015 15:43

4: WA Branch web site

The Western Australian branch have just launched a new web site making it even easier to find out what the members of that branch are doing.

Site News : 11/04/2015 10:50

5: March/April Journal

The new issue has now gone to the printer. You can find out what is going to be in it on the latest Journal page.

Membership : 21/03/2015 09:18

6: 65th Birthday Celebration

In May 2016 AMRA will be 65 years old. We are planning on holding a number of activities over the weekend of 13th to 15th May 2016 to celebrate. A venue in Canberra is currently being investigated for this.

Expressions of interest in attending these celebrations from both members and anyone else who wants to help us celebrate are invited. Please let all your friends know as well. You can email me or write to the Secretary by 10th April to let us know if you are interested.

Site News : 28/02/2015 10:25

7: Tasmania

As members may be aware, our editor recently moved to Tasmania - one state where we do not have enough members yet to form a branch. Not wasting any time getting involved in the local scene, he is now a committee member of Redwater Creek Railway & Steamfest

For more information visit - and

Membership : 24/01/2015 06:16

8: January/February Journal

The new issue has now gone to the printer. You can find out what is going to be in it on the latest Journal page.

Membership : 17/01/2015 15:58
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